• 1984 JOYIN CO.LTD was established and began to design, manufacture, and distribute various types of mechanical equipment systems for the fabrication of leaded ceramic and passive components.
  • 1987 Hong Kong trading office started for China business transaction and development.
  • 1990 Established Materials R&D Department.
  • 1993 Completed technical developments in Varistor powder formulation, electrode pastes and metallization conductive adhesives to produce ceramic varistors. Started the Electronic Component Division and OEM for North America Philips Centralab business division.
  • 1995 OEM for polymeric positive temperature coefficient resistors (PPTC) for Raychem Corp. USA.
  • 1996 Completed technical developments in powder formulation and processing technology for NTC thermistors.
  • 1996 Established Dongguan JOYIN Electronics CO., Ltd., CHINA.
  • 2002 Founded JOYIN Technology (Suzhou)CO., Ltd. in Suzhou, China.
  • 2002 Recognized as an ISO-9001:2000 certified manufacturer.
  • 2002 Metal oxide varistors certified by China CQC quality committee.
  • 2003 Completed full-line of production equipment for multilayer chip inductors/varistors , and initiated mass production line.
  • 2003 Started 2nd OEM plant in Suzhou China for Raychem PPTC line.
  • 2005 NTC body sensor chips developed in Taiwan and mass produced in China plant.
  • 2007 SONY Green Partner and TS16949 certificate award.
  • 2010 High volume NTC sensor manufacturing facility built in DG China. Ag Paste Material sales started to passive components makers.
  • 2014 DIP Varistor(125℃) UL & VDE certified and development & mass production of SMD NTC.


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